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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Twelve bad arguments for a State of Palestine
from Israeli Insider:

1] It will rectify an historic injustice to the Arabs.
2] It will end Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory.
3] Israel must comply with United Nations resolutions.
4] It will bring peace and stability to the Middle East.
5] It will satisfy the demands of the Palestinian Arabs, who will give up terrorism and war and settle down to building a society.
6] A State of Palestine will honor a pledge to respect Israel's right to exist.
7] A State of Palestine will be demilitarized and thus no danger to Israel.
8] It will secure the human rights of the Palestinian Arabs.
9] It will solve the Arab refugee problem.
10] It will encourage civic and economic development, raise the standard of living and bring contentment to the people.
11] It will win the respect of world opinion for Israel.
12] If a State of Palestine commits aggression against Israel, then Israel can fight its military forces and win back what it gave away.
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