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Thursday, December 12, 2002

Israeli residential development in the Territories, is undeniably a controversial issue. Many, if not most, who sympathize with the settlers also believe that peace is unlikely without giving up some of the settlements. Ha'aretz surprised me today with an article arguing that withdrawal will only lead to more violence. I'm afraid they're right.

I wonder, though, why there is no Arab "settlement" activity. Do the palestinians prefer living in 50 year old refugee camps? Certainly there is no lack of funds in the Arab world to pay for building decent housing and pleasant neighborhoods for the "refugees." They lay claim to the land, yet, do nothing to develop it. I fear the answer is that their real claim is to the whole of Israel, and that they are more interested in driving the Jews from the region than creating a separate State. Actions DO speak louder than words. Their actions tell us that Arabs don't want peace. Their promises, whether to the Israelis, the Americans or their own people, have meant nothing. Until that changes there will not be peace.


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