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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

The cover of The Economist this week is a chilling skull on a black background. The skull is a modified globe with the Earth's land mass pictured in Blood Red. The world is threatened everywhere by terrorism..... Islamic Extremist Terrorism.

Yoel Marcus in Haaretz gives us his take on the article and the general situation. He notes that nowhere in the Economist do they mention Israel as a cause of the terrorism. The Bloody Borders of Islam have nothing to do with Israel.

The world is not lacking places where religion and nationalism have yielded terror and flames - the Philippines, Indonesia, Kashmir, Sudan, Algeria, Egypt, Chechnya and a long list of African countries. None has anything to do with Israel. Khomeini and Khomeinism were not born because of Israel.

Iraq and Iran did not fight for eight years because of Israel. Iraq did not conquer Kuwait because of Israel. Al Qaeda's target is America, and now all of Western Europe...

...Even if bin Laden is no longer alive, someone has taken command. The organization is alive and well and its purpose is to draw the Arab countries into a war against the world. For that purpose, fanning the hatred of Israel is good bait. It doesn't matter if Israel concedes or doesn't concede the settlements, if it leaves or stays in the territories. As long as it is in the Islamic sphere, al Qaeda has another flag. For Islamic fundamentalists, Zionism and imperialism justify the mega-attacks against the Western world. This sophisticated gang isn't fighting over borders. The border is their ability to expand and cause damage. To Israel's credit, it must be said that ever since the phenomenon of the suicide bomb for Allah was born, when killing civilians, women and children turned into a commandment that leads to heaven, Israel was the first to point out that it was a worldwide danger.


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