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Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Moderate Islam Watch

ONe Arab joournalist writes an article saying that suicide bombers have caused grave damage to the palestinian cause, another Arab journalist writes a column questioning Arab support for Sadaam Hussein and both are threatened with expulsion from the Arab Journalists Association. Was this so bad?:

"What is the reason for this unprecedented campaign in the Arab world in defense of Saddam Hussein," al-Mawri wrote.

He noted that only a few Iraqis benefited from the Baghdad regime, which he blamed for many disasters which have plagued the Iraqi people over the past 25 years.

"The present Iraqi regime has proven its failure in using its massive power and abundant resources for the comfort of the Iraqi people," al Mawri wrote.

"Saddam has succeeded in turning his people from one of the richest in the Third World to one of the poorest. The Iraqi people's condition is so bad that some families had to throw their sons into the sea when they were denied political asylum in Australia. Why are Iraqis anyway thinking of emigrating? Isn't it because of the injustice they are experiencing at the hands of the Iraqi authorities."


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