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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

If this interview with a leader of the Islamic Jihad gives you any hope for peace between Israel and the palestinians, then please tell me how.

Where is the Palestinian uprising, the Intifada heading, at the beginning of its third year?

The Palestinian people are realizing more now than ever before, that resistance, unity and the dismissal of all so-called “peace agreements” should be our strategy. Returning to negotiations and dialogue with the enemy will get us nowhere. We have no other option but to remain united and to stick to the option of resistance and to cancel all the agreements that have been signed. Our people have already dropped any hope of going back to negotiations. Our people have learned from the experience of past years and will no longer be betting on such solutions, negotiations or Arab Summits; (our people) will not allow anyone to compromise on their rights.

I ought to mention here that I have read some of the biographies of Zionist leaders who have admitted that they have thought on many occasions of lifting their arms and surrendering. But they were always surprised that the Arabs had surrendered first. This is why we hope that the Intifada will continue. The experience of the Palestinian resistance, especially during these times, proves that we have strong will and a vision; enough to carry us throughout the struggle. However, what is needed from all (Palestinian) factions is doubling their efforts in support of the Palestinian people, and strengthening its steadfastness in acquiring a clear strategy of resistance. We also call on Arab and Muslim nations to support us during this battle. They have to remember that our defeat is the defeat of the Arab World as a whole.


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