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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Families ripped apart, lives lost, survivors' lives decimated by suicide bombers. What purpose have these murderous acts served?
The individual stories of all the lives affected by the senseless killings, only serve to make me more resolute in denying these terrorists any gratification at all. Anger, brought on by their disrespect for life only makes me certain that their cause cannot be just.

Still there are stories that inspire hope. There are a couple of them here. Stories like this of little Noam Hane:

Natanel Hane is the father of 2 1/2-year-old Noam whose liver was ripped open by the blast. Natti and three of his four children were riding in the family car in front of and to the left of the bomb vehicle. A jagged piece of metal the size of a football, perhaps part of the bomb itself, tore a wide trench through Hane's car's rear light, through the trunk, through the steel body of the car, and decimated the baby seat in which little Noam was sitting.

In what Noam's mother calls, "a huge miracle," the deadly projectile stopped at the baby seat, its jagged protrusion tearing into the toddler's liver, but going no further. Surgeons succeeded in sewing up Noam's liver, which is an organ that regenerates itself. Natti Hane, a former paratrooper who served in Lebanon, had experience in helping injured comrades. While the bus burst into flames beside them, Natti was able, as he put it, "to separate my emotions as a father from my intellect," and give his little daughter first aid.


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