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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Here's the deal. Iraq, through Tariq Aziz, says they will allow the inspectors, clearly giving the EUnuchs the impression that they are willing to cooperate. What I don't like is the US response. The President and his minions, together with the media, all whine, "Nuh-UH, they don't really mean it, they'll fool us again, they can't be trusted."

Instead, the President ought to, or rather should have, quietly assembled an acceptable team of Inspectors. He should have worked with Security Council members to get a qualified team, acceptable to all. They should have been mustering UN equipment, including helicopters and MASH type mobile quarters and anything else they need, to make the team self sustaining. It doesn't appear they have done any of that.

So here's how they should proceed. Then they should load the equipment and inspectors on a few big aircraft, and fly them to Baghdad. While they are enroute the President can announce to the world his gratitude to Iraq for co-operating with the UN, with all of the appropriate overstated, flowery, complimentary language. He should end his announcement by saying the inspectors will be landing in 2 hours.

Instead of whining about what Iraq is likely to do, and wasting precious time, take advantage of what they said they will do. Flush the liars out, regain the upper hand. We’ve GOT the invitation, give them the freaking RSVP and GO.


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