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Monday, August 05, 2002

Yesterday's editorial by Thomas Friedman had one line that stood out to me, a quote from A Sri Lankan Human Rights activist, Radhika Coomaraswamy:

"My sense is that the balance has gone wrong lately and that the only face of America we see now is the one of military power, and it really frightens the world..."
Although I strongly believe that we have to stand alone in some of the War on Islamists, I also believe that the Administration could do a much better job of making its case to the world as well as doubters at home.

America should be united and willing to bear the consequences of war with Iraq. That unification can only come from open debate. The President needs to use the leadership of Congress to have that debate and to make its case. The "Trust us, we have the best interests of the nation at heart," attitude is not going to be sufficient when unexpected consequences arise.

They should be preparing us for the worst, explaining why it's necessary, and unifying the country for a difficult time. Both sides need to keep politics out of it, although it seems impossible this close to an election. By clearly stating the aims and the likely as well as the possible consequences, we'd go a long way in showing the rest of the world that we are not the bully's they think we are.


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