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Thursday, August 29, 2002

Washington DC, along with Houston**, failed to make the final cut for the US bid to host the Olympic Games in 2012. Tony Kornheiser mourns the loss:

I was really looking forward to the Opening Ceremony in D.C. You know they make a big deal of getting the unique character of the host city in the ceremonies. I remember in Seoul they released something like 5,000 doves to fly around the main stadium. (Sadly, many flew directly into the Olympic flame and became dinner.) I was thinking we could release maybe 400 lobbyists and 300 government tax attorneys in pinstripe suits and black wing-tips. By 2012 I was hoping we'd have located where Dick Cheney lived, and we could set him free at midfield.

Ah, but that dream is gone.

Personally, I thought President Bush could have helped Washington land the Olympics. But he doesn't seem to like Washington. Bush leaves town every chance he gets. I don't know who spends less time here, him or Michael Jordan.

I'm surprised. I thought D.C. had a real shot. We have the kind of staying power other cities around the world don't. I was going to make a bumper sticker that said: "Washington. We're Gonna Be Here. Can You Say That About Baghdad?" more

**Courtesy of Amish Tech Support


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