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Friday, August 16, 2002

Something not to miss: Stefan Sharkanski has done some more translation work for us. Just another article from a German publication about the EU funding of Arafat's terror machine, but Stefan, I appreciate the work. He wonders, just as most of us do, why the Europeans have such Unyielding Faith in Arafat. Of course with the name "Chris Patton" being used in Arafat's defense, we understand.

EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten disputes all of the allegations in the strongest terms. Standing before the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee on June 19 he said that the EU Commission had "painstakingly examined" all of the Israeli government's documents. They found "no proof, I repeat, no proof that European aid funds were used for anything other than their intended purpose". Patten refers to an old report from the days of the peace process, according to which the EU has implemented "the most comprehensive and intrusive oversight system" of any comparable situation in the post-war era.
One has to wonder, then, just whta were the intended purposes?


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