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Saturday, August 17, 2002

On the baseball strike... My father was a major leaguer. I grew up loving baseball and appreciating it more than most. In '94 they took my love and turned it into mild interest. This strike will kill it forever. Tony Kornheiser is right: youth don't go to watch baseball anymore unless they're dragged out by their parents. He’s right about the strike too:

But what is this strike about? The average salary in baseball is $2.4 million. Most of the veterans who are any good make $4 million or more. A luxury tax won't roll back salaries; it will simply prevent an escalation of those preposterous $25 million a year A-Rod contracts. This is worth striking over? Did I miss something that happened in the last half hour that makes it impossible to live on $4 million a year?

Baseball is the goose that lays golden eggs.

Only fools would strike. Only fools.


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