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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

The New York Sun didn't print it, but Norah Vincent has published it on her blog.

Let the bored radicals rave, and in their ravings give us still more justification for our course of proactive action. The sickly quality of their mercy won’t restrain us.

Yes, we have gotten ours, and those who get theirs give as good as they get. Those who get theirs have no obligation to neutrality, and those who would ridicule them for having gotten it, have no arguments left for peace.

We have taken our blow. We have been laughed at for it. We have indeed lost our innocence, and having lost it, have as much right and reason as anyone to fight back. We have earned the right to inflict wounds when necessary, and necessity is now our friend.

That is how the game of retaliation works, and if Noam Chomsky moans as retribution flies East again, what of it?
Also today, she decries the state of leadership among black activists....
Oddly enough, it’s the conservatives—the ones every good leftist still thinks are holding clan meetings in their basements—who are giving voice to the kind of leaders and role models the black community should support—e.g. Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Ward Connerly, etc.

By supporting snake oil salesmen like Farrakhan, and Sharpton—and oh yes, there’s the grand embezzler Jesse Jackson, to say nothing of the NAACP’s recent leadership—the black activist community gives credence to and propagates this hideous stereotype. Is it an irrepressible tendency toward self-destruction? Is there really white liberal collusion in this? Or are the liberals simply too afraid to question the black community’s leaders of choice for fear of appearing and being branded racist. They would be, of course. Immediately.
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