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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Mark Goldblatt wrote a piece about Pipe Dreams in the JWR. He talks of the "two pipe dreams that sustain the chaos in the Middle East."
The first is the Arab pipe dream of a Palestinian State with no Israel, ie. Mandatory Palestine with Israel obliterated.
The second is our pipe dream that diplomacy can pursuade the Arabs to give up their dream and live in peace with Israel.

"Ironically, our pipe dream is the more farfetched of the two. The Palestinians, for their part, can at least point to what's laughably called the "peace process" as evidence that they're making headway."
Given this understanding, he calls for giving the Arabs what they want.
"The last century taught us the hard lesson that wars don't truly end until the defeated people know they're defeated; thus, ordinary Palestinians are doomed, right now, in the same way ordinary Germans were doomed even before World War II began. There's no going back for them. They're too committed to their pipe dream. They're begging for the coup de grace, begging to be taken seriously enough to be put down..."


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