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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Jane Galt's debate on whether we should Attack Iraq or not is not to be missed. I wish it was happening in Congress though. It's fine that the usualy well-informed blogosphere has the debate, but the easily manipulated, usually mis-informed folks also need to be hearing it. The issues articulated in her comments and from the contrbutors' pages need a wider audience. The debate is vigorous, but needs to be more public, more widespread.

Also go see Spoons and vote in his latest Attack Iraq... When poll. I don't think deployments will be complete in August, and early September is still a bit rushed, the moon is best for night attack between the 3rd and 8th of October. Sep 11 is an interesting possibility too, though the few days before are closer to ideal.

Still.... the Administration needs to be doing more to educate people, both in the US and Europe, about why it's necessary, and why sooner is better than later. The debate HAS to happen, I just hope it's before the first mistake in battle is made.


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