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Sunday, August 25, 2002

I see this blogged everywhere, and it should be! George Will is again on the money with his comments on the education establishment's approach to post-9/11 therapy.

Lippincott has down pat the education industry's pitter-patter about "diversity" and "tolerance" and the omnipresent danger of bigotry by the loutish average American. With the patience of a savant lecturing primitives, Lippincott explains that "people of all ethnicities were hurt by these attacks." And he reminds us that we are sinners in the hands of an angry professor of psychology: "Some of this country's darkest moments resulted from prejudice and intolerance for our own people." And one emphasis of Sept. 11 should be on "historical instances of American intolerance."
I have one word for the NEA's guidelines: BALDERDASH!


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