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Saturday, August 03, 2002

First, I read on Imshin's Not a Fish that Hamas is experimenting with Biological Weapons (a link she got from Freddie.) Now the Times of London is reporting that Iraq is helping the Palestinians get biological weapons.

Using mobile laboratories for their research, the team of scientists working for Saddam are believed to be developing a range of biological agents that can be “delivered” by an aerosol system.

The latest assessment in Washington and London is that Saddam’s plan is to produce a basic weapon that can be used by a terrorist group to attack the Iraqi leader’s enemies, the United States and Israel. In the same way that Iran has funded and trained terrorist groups to carry out attacks from Lebanon against Israel, Saddam, according to the assessment, could be banking on recruiting a Palestinian terrorist group to act on his behalf.

This is scary. I can only hope that speculation of a late September, early October attack is correct.


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