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Thursday, August 29, 2002

The EUnuchs keep funding the PA, not only for humanitarian purposes, but in the words of Chris Patten, "the EU has no reason to be ashamed of its efforts to maintain the Palestinian Authority as a valid interlocutor for Israel, in order to prevent a slide into even greater chaos and anarchy.". David Weinberg explains it:

To begin with, only half the annual EU aid to the Palestinians is allocated for "humanitarian purposes"; in 2002, for example, about 113 million out of 232 million euros. This includes assistance to the PA, to Palestinian NGOs, and to UNWRA for emergency food aid, post-injury rehabilitation, psycho-social support, health services, cash assistance to "special hardship cases," water, electricity, shelter, non-food humanitarian items, environmental services, education, infrastructure, interest subsidies for the private sector, etc.

By propping up the present PA regime, Chris Patten's EU is prolonging "chaos and anarchy," not preventing it.

I have no problem with this, despite the fact that the EU has never provided similar assistance to innocent, terrorized, and traumatized Israeli citizens who also could use help in post-injury rehabilitation, psycho-social support, cash assistance to special hardship cases, and so on. The EU is entitled, after all, to help one side of this conflict more than the other. The real problems start with the other half of EU aid to the Palestinians, moneys allocated to sustaining the PA Israel's "valid interlocutor" according to Patten.


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