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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Dont' miss the Iraqi News Wire on MEMRI. Saddam's son writes a point paper on handling the coming war with America. among his points:

"Despite an increased clarity in Iraq's position on the international arena... important countries will not take a decisive position against the American administration... However, it is possible to [gain the support of these countries] under one condition, which has to do with their major economic interests, by 'bribing them,' especially in the cases of Russia and Syria"

"The official Arab position is hypocritical and will support the American position against Iraq. But it is also scared of the people's response to such support... therefore, there is a need to increase efforts on the Arab streets to get them to take a serious and active position, to the point of uprising [against the Arab regimes], in case Iraq is attacked..."
- "The need for a complete change in dealing with France on the basis of getting its support in exchange for economic considerations..."


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