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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Charles Johnson has an animated discussion going at lgf about the misguided youth Religion of Peace. You should stop by and contribute any way you can. Talk like this from the Youth of Islam show it as a Religion of Hate. The QT video included in one post is absolutely abhorrent, I watched the beginning for a fact check, I wish I hadn't.

From the discussion:

Bintul-Khattaab says: Brother Behz, there is worth in such videos, which can be seen simply by taking Ibn Musa's example. Living in the West, we are taught to be 'wimps', not to be able to stand the sight of blood or 'gore'. How are such muslims to go to the battlefield and kill those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger? How are they to do such acts in real life if they cannot even bear to even watch it on a screen? With increased exposure to such scenes, we become desensitized to the fear of blood which has been instilled in us
Right.... the Religion of Peace.


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