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Sunday, August 04, 2002

Arlene Peck writing for Arutz Sheva:

Negotiation is not the answer. “Transfer” is something that has got to be given more thought than it has ever been given before. The Arab Palestinians are a cancer within the country whose sole purpose is the death of the Jews. This is unacceptable. Cancers must be cut out. Those that live in Israel cannot be forced to live everyday waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nor can they live playing Russian roulette every day to see where the next bomb will fall. The PLO had their chance for a Palestinian state two years ago, but walked away from it because it wasn’t enough. They wanted Israel. They want world domination. We in the United States are fighting it and Israel can do no less.
These columns are getting, and will continue to be more common. The Palestinians have blown it, the Arabs have blown it. They had a chance to have a Palestinian State from which they could have continued their war to obliterate Israel. That chance is gone. Anything short of an immediate and complete change in their culture and government will guarantee that the corrupt, immoral Arab leadership of the PA will continue to lead the Palestinian Refugees into hopeless decline. Meanwhile that leadership incites a culture of hate that wages war on a democratic system they don't understand.

Peace can only come when the fanatic haters of Israel are defeated, completely and utterly defeated. Negotiation and appeasement will not change their beliefs nor their objectives. Strength is all they respect. Defeat is all they will understand.


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