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Thursday, July 11, 2002

There is some encouraging news today. For those of you who don't know about Scott Speicher , he was the only pilot lost on the first night of Desert Storm when his F/A-18 was shot down over Iraq. He was, almost immediately, listed as Killed in action. Last year, due to a number of factors, his status was changed to Missing-in-Action. His story is compelling though time has made the particulars a bit murky. The bottom line is that he probably survived his crash and there is a possibility he is still alive, being held captive in Iraq.

I knew him, though not well. We flew different aircraft, from different carriers, but we were neighbors, our children were in the same pre-school, we were comrades-in-arms. It's uplifting to know that people are working to bring him home if he's still there and to keep his memory alive. If you pray, please include him. You might want to read more:

Friends working to free Scott Speicher

Scott Speicher Dead or Alive? (6 part series)


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