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Sunday, July 21, 2002

Max Singer says it very clearly: The Palestinians Have the Power.

The press and the diplomatic world pay attention only intermittently, on the occasions when Palestinians succeed in killing large numbers of Israeli civilians with a single bomb, which has not happened since last month. But those who are responsible for protecting the lives of Israelis must respond to the Palestinians' attempts to kill Israelis every day.

There are roughly 10 times as many attempts stopped by Israel as there are successful suicide attacks.

On the other hand, few people appreciate how great is the burden and insult imposed on the Palestinians by the Israeli military programs to stop the murder of Israelis. Many Palestinians are forced to stay in their homes for days at a time, with only short curfew breaks to shop. They can't move from city to city, or into Israel to work. Their economy is in tatters.

And inevitably, Israel's military operations, though almost always conducted with great care to avoid civilian casualties, kill and wound innocent Palestinians.

But the Palestinians have the power to end Israeli military operations by stopping their own attempts to kill Israelis. As soon as the continual flow of attempts to murder Israelis stops, Israel will be able to pull its forces back.
It's amazing, to me, that most EUnuchs can't, or don't want to see that.


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