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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Eric Raymond over at Armed and Dangerous has a discussion about local food tastes. He wonders if it's a good thing or not that the best foods from throughout the country have not yet propagated everywhere. I say it's a very good thing that local tastes stay local. And speaking of local tastes, Eric drools over something he calls barbeque that he eats in Texas. The beef that's slow cooked and sliced is certainly worth the trouble and is something to crave, but the Barbeque I know is slow cooked pork, basted in a hot pepper, vinegar sauce, pulled, chopped and served with a helping of Brunswick Stew and Corn Sticks. That is real BBQ, as anyone with roots in Eastern North Carolina will attest too. Would you rather have your pork pulled or your beef sliced?

I hope there is never a Parker's outside of NC and never a Rudy's outside of Texas.... What a great thing BBQ is, no matter where they create it!


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