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Monday, July 01, 2002

"As Arafat clings to power, Arab and Israeli frustration grows as options dwindle" is the sub titile for the article, Arab Media Analysis from The Media Line. Including this:

A joke now circulating among the Palestinians tells a lot about the way they see their present situation as well as their feeling for their leader Yasser Arafat.

After outlasting an Israeli siege, Arafat makes a “victory tour” of Palestinian cities by helicopter, waving to the crowds.

“Throw out a hundred-dollar bill and make someone really happy,” says one of Arafat’s economic advisors.

“Great idea,” responds a smiling Arafat.

“O Abu Amar,” says one of Arafat’s political advisors, calling him by his first name, “why not make ten people really happy by throwing out ten one-hundred-dollar bills.”

“Great idea,” agrees Arafat, never short of hard cash.

“Why not,” growls the pilot from the front of the helicopter, “lighten my load and make a million people happy, by throwing yourself out.”


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