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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Another beauty on MEMRI:

on 9/11: "Several days ago, we saw on television a group of Israelis deported from America because they had filmed the event – that is, they knew it was going to happen. I am not saying that the event was perpetrated by the Jews, the Muslims, or anyone else; these are things we do not know. But if it is not easy to determine who carried out the deed, how is it that the Afghan people was destroyed because of an accusation that is as yet unproven?"

"...The U.S. used these events as a pretext and an excuse to destroy the Islamic world and to accuse Islam of being a religion of terror and extremism. It destroyed Afghanistan and is now occupying the land of Palestine, killing the people and massacring the children, because of these false charges."

on Western Civilization: Yet this does not mean that we do not respect Western civilization. On the contrary – we absolutely respect and value it. We also think that the Muslims helped create it during the Middle Ages – though the West denies it. However, the problem arises when the West tries to impose its civilization on us. Then the clash breaks out."

"I'll give you an example. Several foreign elements maintain that sexual perversion [i.e. homosexuality] is justified. We think that it is forbidden. If these elements wish to impose this on us, under the banner of human rights, we are opposed. The West is entitled to our respect for its culture and its civilization, if we are in its country... By the same token, we too are entitled to the West's acknowledgement of our religion-based civilization, without its attempting, every so often, to sow among us certain elements that conflict with the religion... There are many good elements in Western civilization, but we are not required to accept everything it brings...

On Women's rights: "...With regard to equality between man and woman, Islam demands certain things of both, whether in marriage or in life in general. Therefore, perhaps, it is claimed that the Western woman is more liberated than the Eastern woman. But the truth is that in our [society] there is equality between man and woman, except in a few matters concerning inheritance. A very few matters. There are many matters in which the woman is comparable to the man...


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