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Friday, June 21, 2002

While reporting on 5 Israelis being killed by an "attacker" in a raid that was "aimed at one of the much-contested Jewish settlements that dot the occupied territory where Palestinians strive to establish a state." the WaPo continues it's slanted coverage. But it's the other article, in an obscene attempt to "balance" their coverage that's outrageous.

This story is a new LOW for the Washington Post. Let's see...... 5 Israelis, including a mother and 3 children, were murdered in a terrorist attack on their home, and the WaPo reports that Israeli soldiers "destroyed a $13,600 washer, dryer and iron from Denmark that were so new they were still in their shipping containers." More equivalency in the Post's eyes..... How sickening. It makes me feel so freaking sorry for thsoe Palestinians taping their money back together.


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