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Thursday, June 13, 2002

US News & World Report has a well done piece telling us that Hundreds of Americans have followed the path to jihad. (6/10/02) Once again I ask how these people reconcile the fact that the reason they thrive here is the very freedom they deplore.

"But the international jihad movement is different, analysts say. It has become virulently anti-American, anti-Western, and steeped in the kind of absolutist religious fervor that is the hallmark of bin Laden's al Qaeda network. In that, American holy warriors resemble their brethren overseas: They tend to be young, smart, and motivated, often introverted and detached, and ready to risk life and limb. "These are the true believers," says Howard University's Sulayman Nyang, author of Islam in the United States of America. "You feel you are an instrument of God, or part of a historical force."


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