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Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Today's news in Israel sickens me. These acts bring feelings of utter disgust for all of the people who are responsible for them and contempt for all of those that applaud these murderers. There simply is no justification for deliberately killing children and other non-combatants in order to make a political point. The Arab world does nothing to stop it, and I cannot help the animus that takes over my feelings towards them. I blame the Arabs, and will continue to do so, until there is a group of them who decide to take responsibility for their role in the crimes, decide to punish those responsible, and begin to separate civilized Arab society from the barbarians who continue to murder children. As long as “moderate” Arabs refuse to separate themselves from the criminals, I cannot help but to think of them all as deceitful, lying murderers.

The Arab world has kept the Palestinians under its collective thumb to ensure they remain refugees. Arab cowardice keeps them from dealing with Israel directly, so they use the Palestinians, making them victims, making them the focus of their humiliation. Arab humiliation became Palestinian humiliation. The bottom line is that the Arabs have been humiliated every time they tried to destroy Israel, and they refuse to accept that defeat.

The Arab refusal to accept defeat is the real issue that must be overcome. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that it can only be overcome one of two ways: either, (1) the Arabs get everything they want, or (2)they must be defeated to the point of unconditional surrender. Option 1 is out from our point of view. We are just taking a while coming to the conclusion that option 2 is the only way.

The Arabs never wanted a Jewish State. They went to war in 1948, 1967, and 1973 in futile attempts to destroy Israel. Each time they were soundly defeated by the Israelis, but it was the Israelis who made the concessions to stop the wars. It was the Israelis who, largely under pressure from the west, were encouraged to make concessions and stop fighting while leaving the battle unfinished. The Arabs have NEVER accepted those defeats. The Arab world has deliberately kept the Palestinians as poor victims to be a thorn in Israel’s side. The Arabs could have solved the Palestinian problem years ago, but decided not to. It is not their real problem. Their problem is the existence of Israel.

They still refuse to accept Israel. The Saudi Peace Proposal has it exactly backwards. They want peace to come before recognition, even though they know there can be no peace until the Arabs agree to live side-by-side with Israel. Arabs have no desire for that, and they certainly have no incentive to do it. For some reason it is an intolerable assault on Arab honor to accept being defeated, especially by the Jews. Meanwhile the West continues to shower money and sympathy on the Palestinians.

While the west spends its treasure to support the thugs and criminals who run the Palestinian Authority, the Arabs are excused from both blame and responsibility. What a racket. It all makes me sick.

The suicide bombers and their apologists are animals. The Arabs are primarily to blame. The Arabs want Israel to disappear… it won’t. The Arabs will not accept defeat. So, what can be done? Are more negotiations likely to help? I think not. The Arab willingness to keep the Palestinians in misery is obvious. The Arab ability to deny defeat and shift blame is amazing. They continue to avoid actions which will help in bringing peace. They continue to blame Israel and the US for all of their problems, and they refuse to accept both the defeat that stares them in the face and the responsibility of their own actions. Meanwhile, innocent children are being blown up on their way to school. How much longer can we wait for the Arabs to join the modern civilized world? …….Too long is my fear.


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