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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

This is how the Palestinian Leadership Condemns Gilo Attack. (emphasis added)

The leadership affirms its determination to pursue the perpetrators as well as those responsible for the attack; for such attacks against Israeli civilians endanger our national cause. The Palestinian People, their National Authority, cities, refugee camps, and villages have paid, and continue to pay, the heavy price with their blood, their children's souls, their institutions, and their economy, as the world gives Israel and its army the green light to retaliate to these attacks by committing a war of annihilation, ethnic cleansing, and blind revenge against Palestinian civilians. In addition, during such a critical political situation, whereby US President Bush prepares for an important speech on the Middle East, this attack serves as a cover to Sharon's crimes against our People and holy sites...

Committed to a just peace, security for both Palestinian and Israeli peoples, and a two state solution in accordance with the Arab peace initiative-, the leadership calls upon the United Nations Security Council as well as the rest of the world to put an end to this painful tragedy of both Palestinian and Israeli peoples, for which the Israeli government is responsible, through its consistent rejection of a just peace and insistence on sustaining its occupation, oppression, military aggression, closure, assassinations, and dividing our territory into isolated and choked cantons."

Can someone point out the condemnation in this statement? All I see are continued Arab intransigence and continued Arab denial of responsibility for their own actions.


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