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Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Syria, Iran, Iraq.... Saudi Arabia, Egypt. None of them are American friends. We may have cordial relations with the latter two, but they are not on our side in the War on Islamists. They ought to be helping us understand how their governments, and their people are different from the Islamists who wage war on us. Instead they label us "The Great Satan". By not offering any bit of cooperation which might be in their own interest, they tacitly side with the terrorists. If they aren't with us in this, then they are against us... that IS the reality.

In the case of Iraq, Iran, and Syria, I'm afraid we don't have the will to do what should be done. We have to be ready and willing to act militarily against them. There are bad people running these three countries. All three fund, support and actively work to destroy Western Civilization. They kill Americans, they kill Israelis they support others who do the same. Our diplomatic efforts only work to their ends by giving them time and opportunity, even justification to continue their war against our way of life. How long will we allow them to let them continue unchallenged?

When diplomacy and economic measures don't work, then we must be able to muster a credible military threat. With no real threat, these 'unfriendly' states will continue their campaigns of terror because we continue to show them that it works. That must change. What will it take to bring the change? Must we endure another attack on the scale of 9/11?


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