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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Omar Ricci, who is the National Chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Council ( or their office in LA 213-383-3443)writes in the Palestine Chronicle about The Media's So-Called War on "Islamists" Instead of wrongfully saying America is fighting all of Islam, he should be using his Public Affairs Council to educate America on the part of Islam that abhors the senseless murders by wannabe martyrs with their 70 virgins in paradise.

Their standard disclaimer that they are not targeting Islam itself rings hollow as they parrot the writings of those who are anti-Muslim and anti-Islam. Specifically these media pundits (and presumably the producers of their shows) have gravitated towards the anti-Muslim, pro-Israel agenda of Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, and other Zionist groups. In their effort to quash any U.S. sympathy for the Palestinian cause, Pipes, Emerson, and the like have broadened their target to include the entire faith of Islam.

And while you're there, you might want to vote in their poll Is Armed Struggle Helping the Palestinian Cause? as of posting.... 64% of 604 votes say no


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