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Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Martyrdom Mission, Suicide Attacks, Commando missions... what to call a murder. At least in this article from The Palestine Chronicle says "some of the educated opt for [calling them] suicide attacks."

At least the article has redeeming value in shedding a bit of light on the Palestinian side meant for a pro-Pal audience..... I know, I know CNN provides enough of that perspective.
Of course from Hamas we get:

Sheikh Farhat Asaad, a Hamas leader in Ramallah, said that stopping the missions would translate into Palestinian surrender and a return to normalization, assuring that missions inflicted almost $8b in damage to the Israeli economy, while the economic losses incurred by the Palestinians are much lower.

“For the first time the Palestinians have an undefeatable weapon that cannot be followed or arrested,” said Asaad, adding that "martyrdom missions crippled Israel." He called for caution from US and European calls to stop the missions.

Asaad called on those urging cessation of "martyrdom missions" to answer the questions of the Palestinians, who have for more than 30 years awaited implementation of UN resolutions and suffered the failure of the international community to resolve the Palestinian struggle.


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