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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Is America really Islamic but doesn't know it yet? Michael Wolfe thinks so. I don't agree. Mr Wolfe seems to ignore a good bit of the reality of Islam's practice:

"Islam is democratic in spirit. Islam advocates the right to vote and educate yourself and pursue a profession. "

Islam is egalitarian. From New York to California, the only houses of worship that are routinely integrated today are the approximately 4,000 Muslim mosques. That is because Islam is predicated on a level playing field, especially when it comes to standing before God. "

Islam, as practiced in the USA, may be what saves us from constant conflict with the rest of Islam which doesn't quite see things the same way. It's not likely though. Maybe American muslims can show Islam how to modernize, but Islam has much to learn before that's possible. Democracy, for one. There are no democratic Islamic states... "Islam is democratic in spirit" though.... That's a great comfort while Islamists try to kill us.


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