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Monday, June 17, 2002

Egor (George)Murzin says the Israeli/Palestinian problem Is not about land:

Another basic problem is that Muslim ideology is based on expansion until the entire world realizes the "truth of Islam," so having a non-Muslim state in what used to be an Arab-controlled state 1,000 years ago is an affront. That is how the conflict is about land, but its not really about land itself in terms of value; it's about what it represents. When Israel offered 97% of west bank & Gaza to Arafat, including Palestinian control of the Muslim holy sites, Arafat still refused.

Another basic problem is that Arabs are poor, and Jews are rich, so Arabs hate Jews. The United States is also rich, so Arabs also hate the U.S. for similar reasons. Very simplistic, but very true. If the people of Islam didn't resist education and change, if they gave their women enough power to limit childbirth and thus raise better-educated kids, they wouldn't be poor, but they are.

He's right on with that analysis, but his solution is a little too simplistic and overly idealistic. If only things were that easy.


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