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Monday, June 24, 2002

David Horowitz argues we are not following the prime essential of warfare: Know Your Enemy. He makes many of the same points that have been made here, and makes them better.

The war we have joined is defined by three simple but brutal facts. Our enemy is able to penetrate our borders and strike us in our homes; he can strike us with weapons of mass destruction; and he has made clear his intention is not to change our policies or to force our withdrawal, but to obliterate us and destroy our civilization.
And it's not just Israel that the enemy; wants to obliterate with easy access through our borders.
We are at war with radical Islam (not all of Islam but with Islamic radicals). And we are - or should be - at war with their allies, the international radical left. Both see us as the embodiment of evil - racism, oppression, on the one hand, and the frustrations of Islamic societies on the other. Both, therefore, seek our destruction


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