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Thursday, June 06, 2002

Charlotte West gives us a terrific article on The War the Peaceniks support. She writes about "conservative war" being protested by the left because of its high barriers to entry."It is expensive and only country leaders call the shots, necessitating fortuitous birth or a lifetime climbing political systems. That pretty much leaves activists out of the loop."

We know how activists feel when they're left out of the loop, and that is why, "...they're first in line for today's new-age worldwide war. "
What I don't get is how these leftist activists, on one hand, thrive in our world of individual freedoms yet, on the other hand, support those who seek to supress those freedoms. Which way do they want it?

They're just a bunch of blowhards and self-proclaimed intellectuals who believe they are smarter than the rest of the world and want to supress our freedom and foist their world-view on us.
The real freedoms they support are the freedom from responsibility of your own actions, freedom from free and open debate, and most of all the freedom from compromise. Human nature naturally runs toward freedom of personal choce, and exercising our free will. Those who ignore that for pseudo-Utopian ideals cannot be allowed to terrorize the rest of us


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