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Thursday, June 20, 2002

As I think about Mr. Ricci's article linked below, I need to make another small, but important, point. We are in a war against Islamists. To Mr. Ricci and others we are in a war against the Palestinians. They assume that because we disagree with the tactics of Islamikazes that we are against Islam. That is aHUGE leap in logic and is utterly false. Pal apologists wrap their cause in Islam because the rest of the Arab world encourages it. Meanwhile, I see the Palestinian problem as one being caused entirely by the Arabs, and it is the Arab world which has refused to do anything, even to ease the plight of the 'Palestinians', much less to solve the problem. Solving the problem has ALWAYS been in their power.

History in brief: In 1948 the UN proposed a two state solution, The Israelis accepted it and declared their own state. The Arabs decided to play an all-or-nothing game and went to war to eliminate the Jewish State. They lost. Still, they stay in the game, with their all-or-nothing goal, even though they deflect attention from it.

The Arabs could have absorbed the refugees at any point since 1948, they still can. The Arabs could have accepted a Palestinian State at any point since 1948, but that chance is slipping away. Israel has bent over backwards to further the hope that its citizens can have the peace and security they deserve and that the Arabs deny them. It is past time the Arabs accepted responsibility.

I do feel sorry for the Palestinian people, who are scorned by their Arab brothers. But, the fact remains, their Arab brothers are entirely to blame for their plight. I have absolutely NO sympathy ..... zilch, nada, NONE... for those Arabs who support suicide bombers who kill innocent people. If they want to kill those responsible, then send the children with bomb belts to Damascus, Riyadh, Baghdad, Tehran.... Leave those alone who have continually tried to live with you, in peace.

The world isn't quite ready to admit it, but the time is rapidly coming when they will and we will say: You Arabs gambled on winning a one-state solution and have lost. Your hand has been called, Israel wins and gets the entire West Bank and Gaza. The refugess can stay put under Israeli control with no citizenship or they are free to settle elsewhere. The refugees will be better treated than the Jewish refugees that were driven from your countries over 50 years ago. It's time to accept your responsibility and start dealing with your defeat.

In Israel, we are approaching war against Arabs. That war is going to come because the Arabs will continue to blame us for their shortcomings. The Arabs will continue to allow the Islamists among them to do us harm. We will continue to appease the 'moderate Arabs' because peace is much more desirable than war. The Arabs will continue to focus their animosity to us through the lens of Palestinian injustice. That lens is cracking. When it breaks, then war will come. The Arabs will then be forced to accept their defeat.

Until then, we will do a diplomatic dance and call this mess a “War on Terrorism”, maybe even a “War on Islamists.” But unless the moderate Arabs, like Mr. Ricci can tell us where they differ from those who wish us harm, unless they can explain to us how to identify the moderate Arabs who value the same basic human rights and freedoms as we do, and unless they can get the extremists to stop the terrorism, then we are destined to a war against all Arabs.


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