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Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Arlene Peck Tells it Like it Is, disregarding anything similar to Political Correctness.

"The Arabs somehow have reached the twenty-first century with a ninth century mentality. The Arab war is not so much that of religion, but that of mentality. Their motivation has always been to continue their hatred of Israel and teaching each generation how they are oppressed. If it weren’t so illogical I could almost find it amusing that there are 300 million Arabs and five million of these Jewish ‘oppressors’. Give me a break! With all of the oil in the Arab world, there are billions and billions of dollars that could have been used for their people in research, education and medicine. Instead, much of it has been spent in the casinos of the world or shops in London. It would have been easy to bring their people into the modern world. Yet, they would rather keep their population in wretched camps. How much easier it would have been to share their good fortune rather than blame, blame, blame the United States and Israel for all their misfortune. Can anyone name three accomplishments of the modern Arab world? I won’t even begin to list the pages and pages of Jewish contributions to medicine, art, literature, etc. Probably, in today’s crazy times, I would be criticized for it anyway. It would be politically incorrect. "


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